It’s time for change. How to save business and find a source for growth

Economic turbulence affects our business and us personally – neither money nor the psyche is immune to the crisis. Only those who are ready to adapt to the new rules of the game will survive.

  • Don’t fight change, but learn about it, understand how to manage it. If something is being thrown at you, you should at least try to find out what it is. Otherwise, how to determine new methods of dealing with it?
  • Maintain a cool mind. Be able to select and discard the unnecessary. This is where the “stress resistance” comes into picture. Its essence is to weed out panic and observe the situation from a distance. 
  • Determine which of your old methods can still work for you, and which do not work at all. The latter need to be replaced. Let’s say you see that your business still has a future, but the country where you run it is not ready to give you the necessary protection or non-interference. In this case, you need to either adapt the business to the needs and requirements of a particular country, or relocate it.
  • Find your own “blind spots” and seek help to address them. A person cannot know everything: sometimes you need to seek help from other professionals. Putting everything on the line of self-confidence is unwise, especially if it harms you and your business. Everything that is being built today is a product of communication between people, and it is admirable if you learn from someone else’s experience or give someone an opportunity to look at your situation from a different angle.

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